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Macbook Screen Repair Dandenong

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Macbook Screen Replacement & Repair in Dandenong

When it comes to Macbook screen replacement in Dandenong, Vfixit Computer and Mobile Phone Repair is the most trustworthy name to put your stakes in. With over 6 years of experience and access to the latest tools and technology, we offer the best same day replacement of cracked, damaged or dead Macbook screen for every model and version.

Our Macbook screen repair costs in Dandenong would cover the price of assembling the screen as well as professional installation. Following every installation, we would evaluate every functionality in regards to the screen assembly, like the strength of the Wi-Fi antenna, and the webcam.

All our Macbook screen replacement and repair service in Dandenong are backed by warranty coverage and this makes us the most trustworthy name to put stakes in. And on an average, our same day service would take about a couple of hours or so, provided your device does not have any underlying issues.


We are the most trusted Macbook Screen Replacement name in Dandenong

We are known not only for providing a fast, same day screen repair service in Dandenong, but for the perfection that we maintain. The state of the art tools and technology that we take the help of, would take us a long way to maintain that perfection that our customers would love.

We offer a holistic service and would look after the entire Apple range, from the standard to the retina screens.

Signs that you need get your Macbook to our repair store in Dandenong

  • Macbook screen flickering intermittently
  • Screen turning grey or black
  • Vertical or horizontal lines running across the screen
  • Screen having no backlight

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